Javier Valle

General Secretary | Zumos y Gazpachos de España
Javier Valle


He holds a degree in Economics and a Diploma in Business Studies specialising in International Relations from the University of Oviedo. He has spent most of his professional career in Brussels.


Round Table | The Alimentaria Hub

Sustainability conference –

Jose Domingo Gómez Castallo
Jose Domingo Gómez Castallo AUTOCONTROL (Asociación para la Autoreggulación de la Comunicación Comercial) General Director Speaker
Javier Valle
Javier Valle Zumos y Gazpachos de España General Secretary Speaker
Cristina Lecumberri
Cristina Lecumberri Congelados Navarra Chair of the FIAB Sustainability and CSR WG Speaker
Jordi Aycart Vidal
Jordi Aycart Vidal Nestlé Director of Sustainability Spain and Portugal Speaker
Ana Palencia
Ana Palencia Unilever Director of Corporate Communications and Sustainability Speaker
Paloma Sanchez Pello
Paloma Sanchez Pello FIAB (Federación Española De Industrias y Bebidas) Director of Competitiveness and Sustainability Speaker
Mauricio García De Quevedo
Mauricio García De Quevedo FIAB (Federación Española De Industrias y Bebidas) General Director Speaker

20-03-2024 15:30 20-03-2024 18:30 Europe/Madrid Sustainability conference –

"Challenges in environmental communication" is a sustainability conference that brings together professionals to explore innovative and effective communication strategies to promote sustainability.

Hall 5 | The Alimentaria Hub – Agora by Aecoc
Wed 20 15:30h - 18:30h Hall 5 | The Alimentaria Hub – Agora by Aecoc