Raffaele Baratto

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Raffaele Baratto


Winner of the Neapolitan Calzone Category at the 2022 Olympics


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Vera Pizza Napoletana Champion Spain

Antonia Ricciardi
Antonia Ricciardi AVPN School Spain Brand Ambassador Speaker
Ciro Coppola
Ciro Coppola Fratelli Coppola Brand Ambassador AVPN Lombardia and Pizzaiolo Verace Speaker
Antonio Coppola
Antonio Coppola Fratelli Coppola Pizzaiolo Verace Speaker
Salvatore De Rinaldi
Salvatore De Rinaldi Casa de Rinaldi AVPN Master / Rinaldi House Owner Speaker
Raffaele Baratto
Raffaele Baratto Grupo NAP Pizzaiolo Speaker

18-03-2024 11:00 18-03-2024 18:00 Europe/Madrid Vera Pizza Napoletana Champion Spain

The “Vera Pizza Napoletana Champion” is the biggest challenge facing Veraci pizza makers around the world. An unmissable event that showcases the great passion for Neapolitan pizza.
AVPN affiliated pizzerias and pizza masters spread across the five continents will compete for the medals (both individually and by nations), as well as the winners of the qualifying rounds held around the world, during which non-affiliated pizza chefs will compete with margaritas and marinades.

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