7 Hermanos meat products

Cárnicas 7 Hermanos will present its new range of self-service products in a folding format to expand the fifth-range family

New formats to enjoy the flavour

Cárnicas 7 Hermanos is expanding its portfolio with its new range of self-service products in folding format and two new references for its fifth-range family. In this regard, the brand going back almost 60 years remains committed to providing its customers with new flavoured experiences in formats that guarantee the best preservation conditions.

The self-service range in folding-type packaging includes various specialities, including pig’s head, pork rind with pistachios, turkey with olives, serrano turkey, truffle-flavoured chicken and turkey and Iberian ham.

In addition, the new fifth-range products include roast knuckle and roast turkey ham, allowing consumers to enjoy the flavour of traditional cuisine in just five minutes.

The brand is highly satisfied with the new additions, which are endorsed by the positive responses in previous tastings regarding the flavour and the convenience of the format.

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