A spectacular exhibition of more than 100 Extra Virgin Olive Oils

The Olive Oil Bar is a space for self-guided tasting with the help of descriptive fact sheets to discover some of the best extra virgin olive oils.

Alimentaria invites you to individually and slowly taste more than 100 references in this space that concentrates continuous innovation and the latest trends in the segment of gourmet olive oils.

A space with flavour and variety, highly appreciated by national and international buyers, representatives of specialised distribution, retail, gastronomy or the Horeca channel, among many other food professionals interested in the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

With varieties from the most known as the Picual, the Cornicabra or the Arbequina, to other less frequent ones like the Royal Changlot, Royal or Arróniz, the tasting space, located in the Mediterranean Foods area, reflects the good shape of the national olive oil, with a growing offer in the Premium segment, which seeks to export more and connect with the best gastronomy.

Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oils have multiplied their international presence in recent years. More than half of the national olive oil production is exported to 65 countries of the world. 65% of exports go to the countries of the European Union, while sales in key markets such as the United States, China, Australia and Brazil grow year after year.

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150 m2

exhibition area


The Olive Oil Bar is segmented into three exhibition areas, according to the characteristics of the oils:

Conventional Production EVOO

Extra virgin olive oils present at the trade show, in glass recipient or in a can. No plastic or other inferior quality oil will be accepted.

Organic Production EVOO

Extra virgin olive oils present at the trade show that have the official seal of Organic Agriculture of the European Union, and in glass recipient or in a can.

EVOO Specialties

Products containing olive oil or virgin olive oil or extra virgin olive oil as the main ingredient, incorporating other ingredients such as aromatic herbs, plants, spices, fruits, etc., or any technique that modifies their organoleptic profile, such as smoked or flavored.

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