A spectacular exhibition of almost 300 new launches

Innoval is the exhibition space for products that represent a real innovation in the sector. Some 300 new products are presented in this large exhibition which serves as a gateway to The Alimentaria Hub.

innoval 2024

Taste innovation

Look for inspiration and be surprised in this space where brands present their commitment to quality and constant adaptation to consumer needs through innovation, research and development of new products.

Healthier, more nutritious and ecological natural ingredients, suggestive combinations of flavours and textures, new sensations, more practical packaging or revolutionary formats are just a small sample of the products shown in Innoval’s showcases.

Product categories

The products presented at Innoval are organised into 8 categories by product type:

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Innoval 2022 catalogue

Discover the Innoval 2022  collects and documents all the novelties presented in Innoval. In it, the participating brands show their products and their innovation keys.

Innoval Awards

Every effort has its compensation

The Innoval Awards, organised by Alimentaria, highlight the efforts made by manufacturers in the conception, development and launch of innovative products on the international market between April 2022 and March 2024.

The Innoval Awards highlight the 16 best innovations divided into:

Retail Award

An award for the best innovation in the retail sales channel

Horeca Award

An award for the best innovation in the Horeca sales channel

Impulse Award

An award for the best innovation in the impulse buy sales channel

Four trend awards

An award for the best innovation in each of the three trends categories (pleasure, practicality, health and sustainability)

International Award

An award for the best international innovation

Award by category

- Oils, vinegars and condiments
- Water, soft drinks and beers
- Dried and dehydrated foods, preserves and semi-preserves
- Meats, meat products and plant based
- Sweets, confectionary, snacks & bakery products
- Ice cream & frozen foods
- Milk and dairy products
- Non-dairy fresh and chilled products

Innoval 2024 Awards Winners

On March 18th, the Innoval 2024 Awards were given to the most innovative food and beverage products presented at Alimentaria. Discover the winners selected for this edition from among the more than 300 products on display at Innoval!

AECOC Innovation Guide

Follow the AECOC Innovation Guide to extract the maximum potential from your innovations, providing an objective and constructive discourse.

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strategic partner

Samplia: the strategic partner to get new products into the hands of consumers in exchange of their feedback

Samplia, experts in the smart distribution of samples through its app, gives visitors the chance to test the products present at Innoval. The innovations can be obtained from some of the Samplia supports, which are part of the network of 35 fixed sampling delivery points that Samplia currently has in Spain, such as Sampling machines, intelligent hypermarket headers or Concept Stores, where 200,000 samples are delivered monthly in optimal conditions.

Samplia offers brands various platforms where they can interact with its more than 1.8 million users who make up a community of consumers willing to test, evaluate and assess products and experiences.


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