The universe of cafés, bars, bakeries, pastry shops and ice cream parlours

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The biggest meeting point in the universe of cafés, bars, bakeries, pastry shops and ice cream parlours

The industry rises with a sole purpose: to become the biggest meeting point in the universe of cafés, bars, bakeries, pastry shops and ice cream parlours on an international scale, gathering together the entire offering of products and equipment.

It meets all the needs of these market segments, with the most comprehensive and cross-sectoral product offering.

It is a meeting point that will bring together the different sectors involved in the Coffee, Bakery & Pastry world and their potential customers.

The aim is to create the ideal space and environment to enable the professionals in these sectors to forge new labour relations that generate trade agreements, capture leads and bring benefits to their markets.

COFFEE, BAKERY & PASTRY 2022, en cifras

superficie neta
de exposición
1000 m2

Who's exhibiting?

Profile of the exhibitors you’ll find in this space


Coffee and infusions

  • Coffee producers, dealers, roasters (soluble, filter, espresso, capsules, gourmet blends, etc.)
  • Importers & Exporters
  • Coffee roasters and substitutes
  • Coffee agents
  • Tea and infusions
  • Chocolates, cocoa, sugars and coffee complements


Baked goods and pastry

  • Semi-finished products
  • Finished products
  • Pre-baked and frozen doughs
  • Decoration
  • Gourmet products
  • High-quality confectionery
  • Bakery products
  • Basic ingredients, marmalade, cocoa and cocoa products, starches, flour, yeast and substitutes


Ice cream parlour

  • Semi-finished products
  • Flavoured products
  • Ice cream ingredients (yoghurt, chocolate, etc.)



  • High alcoholic beverage
  • Food supplements for cocktails (syrups, juices, cocktail bases, concentrates, toppings,...)


Other complementary products

  • Sugar
  • Chocolate and cocoa
  • Dairy products
  • Plant-based "milk"
  • Cream
  • Yoghurt
  • Syrups
  • Tiger nut milk - horchata


For coffee, baked goods, pastry, chocolate shops and ice cream parlours
  • Equipment and machinery for restaurants, bars and sales
  • Refrigeration and freezers
  • Small-sized equipment / accessories
  • Punto de venta, interiorismo y equipamiento comercial
  • Water filters
  • Vending, OCS (Office Coffee Service)
  • Packaging and complement for product presentation
  • Tools, accessories, miscellaneous
  • Household foods, textiles, tech for baristas, or exclusive to coffee
  • Renting
  • Single-use...
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