Coca de Folgueroles

The ventat method is the key to the Coca de Folguerolas, with a crunchy crust and soft and fluffy inside.

Traditional coca flatbread in the gourmet category

Originally from Folgueroles, and currently found on the tables of the most demanding gourmets, Coca de Folgueroles has gained enthusiasts in Catalonia and beyond. This year it will not miss its booking at Alimentaria, where it will share the secret of simple coca bread elevated to the gourmet level.

With a crisp crust, fluffy inside and a flavour evoking the authenticity of yesteryear, Coca de Folguerolas stands out for its uniqueness, the fruit of great toil and dedication during years of refinement at its bakery. The entire process is meticulously carried out, from the selection of 100% natural ingredients to the delivery of the orders.

The secret of this coca bread lies in its traditional preparation, transmitted from generation to generation, after more than eight hours of slow fermentation and following the kneading method known as ventat, an ancient technique revived to achieve the perfect texture that characterises it. The manual stretching of the dough is crucial to preserve the air bubbles that result in its signature soft and airy insides.

The result is a product that can transform something as simple as toast with tomato, olive oil and salt into a genuinely gourmet delight; a coca bread symbolising traditional Catalan cuisine, and so versatile that it serves as a base for typical dishes such as escalivada, butifarra, ham, and cheeses, but also as an accompaniment to today’s most innovative creations.

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