Conguitos Galleta

The new Conguitos Galleta replaces peanuts with a crispy biscuit centre to attract Gen Z consumers

‘They’re not peanuts, they’re biscuits’

Conguitos Galleta explodes on the market to win over Generation Z. Lacasa expands its family of the popular chocolate-coated sweet with an innovative release that replaces the peanut centre with biscuit; irresistible little balls with a milk chocolate coating and crispy biscuit inside for Alimentaria attendees to enjoy.

The brand evolves as society does, and focuses on youth with a new initiative accompanied by a manifesto made by and for Generation Z.

‘Because our generation is made of something else’, it says. ‘We talk, without any hangups, about what we have inside. And new things? We’re ready to take on anything! We’ve come to crush it. They call us original. Of course, we’re inspired by what’s original. We’re aware that the world is changing, and now is the time for those who are sharp and with it. New Conguitos Galleta. They’re not peanuts; they’re biscuits.’

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