EuroPrime brings Aloe Vera and Milkis to Spain, two drinks from Korea’s Lotte brand that are trendsetters in Asia

Sips of aloe vera and yoghurt with soda

EuroPrime, Lotte’s official distributor for Spain, Portugal, France, Belgium and the Netherlands, lands at Alimentaria with two of the Korean brand’s star products, already setting trends in Asia: Aloe Vera and Milkis.

Original Aloe Vera, with vitamin C and 0% fat, is a popular choice for those looking for a healthier alternative to sugary soft drinks. With no preservatives or artificial flavours, this natural soft drink is the #1 beverage in South Korea.

Milkis, also added exclusively to the EuroPrime catalogue since 2023, is the yoghurt and soda drink that is taking Asia by storm. It combines many of the ingredients commonly found in traditional soft drinks, such as corn syrup, sugar and carbonated water, with milk, creating a surprising and creamy taste. It’s available in several flavours: orange, strawberry, mango, melon, and banana.

EuroPrime imports and exports a wide range of products from the European Union and Asia. In addition to Lotte, it is also the official national distributor of leading brands like Lindt, Storch, Chupa Chups, Artiach, Cuétara, Pipas Manisero, Biolly, Fini and Tirma, among many other international ones.

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