FISAN launches its new culinary gem: Iberian acorn-fed pork, aged for seven months, 100% natural, with no additives, salt or preservatives

Authentic Iberian acorn-fed pork, now with extreme ageing

FISAN has developed an innovative product that it will launch this year at Alimentaria: acorn-fed Iberian pork chop, with extreme ageing of no less than seven months. Subjected to this extreme ageing process, the meat is completely natural, with no additives, salt or preservatives. During ageing, proteolytic enzymes break down muscle structures, resulting in a softer and more tender meat. It also produces aromatic compounds, due to the yeasts that proliferate during the process, in which the muscle fibres imbue the product with great aromatic value. These aromas are detected more intensely when savouring it because temperatures in the mouth facilitate the release of these compounds.

Ageing is a process of controlled product dehydration through which a very high concentration of nutrients is obtained. This slow process also ensures that nutrients are not diluted and do not disappear. Thus, when cut, the pork should present a fresh, moist appearance and a medium-high shine. As ageing progresses, the piece takes on a more cured appearance. Its scent should be intense, as its aromatic compounds, especially those in the fat, become very concentrated. The colour should be a dark red, almost maroon, slightly intensifying in cases of longer ageing. As for its appearance when cutting into the marbling, similar to the pork meat, it should look fresh, moist and with a medium-high shine. Over time, it takes on a more cured appearance, but the pure white colour always remains.

Since 1920, the Sánchez family has been dedicated to Iberian acorn-fed pork at FISAN, located in Guijuelo, the birthplace of the very best Iberian acorn-fed pork products. Three generations that have been able to adapt to new customer needs, while never sacrificing tradition during the entire production process, from breeding to curing, while guaranteeing safe consumption. The company collaborates with leading Spanish chefs to promote the use of the exquisite taste of acorn-fed pork in haute cuisine.

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