Fresh artichokes all year round

Steamed Cynara artichokes, ready to consume with all their flavor and natural properties 

Cynara revolutionizes the world of canned artichokes thanks to a new concept that allows you to enjoy the fresh vegetable all year round: steamed artichokes. The most tender and delicious specimens are steamed and packaged, so that they retain their flavor and natural properties until the moment of consumption. 

The Murcian company, specialized in the creation of innovative products from artichokes, presents this novelty at Alimentaria, available in quarters or halves. Packaged without coloring or preservatives, the most tender and juicy parts of the artichokes are ready to eat or to add to all types of recipes (salads, pizzas, pasta, omelettes, rice, stews, meats, legumes…), without losing any its natural flavor or its organoleptic properties. 

The vegetable, recognized for its healthy properties, is consumed by more than 75% of people between 18 and 65 years old (according to the study carried out by ANMA Research), although seasonality and the difficulty in its preparation represent obstacles that alternatives such as traditional preserves do not manage to surpass in an optimal way. 

Cynara’s proposal, on the other hand, makes available to consumers what makes the artichoke such an attractive food: ease of preparation, natural flavor and freshness throughout the year. 

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