Gluten-free croissants with all the taste

Glocelia makes delicious gluten-free croissants and Neapolitans so that people with celiac disease can enjoy the full taste. 

People with celiac disease do not have to sacrifice the texture and flavor of their favorite foods to take care of their health. That was Glocelia’s starting point when creating its new range of puff pastries. The result is croissants, with and without chocolate, and chocolate Neapolitans, gluten-free, but with all the flavor. 

Thanks to innovative production processes and the use of natural raw materials, the Catalan brand specialized in the production of gluten-free bakery and pastry products offers high-quality alternatives to people diagnosed as celiac or intolerant to this protein present in the seeds of the most cereals and those who prefer not to consume it for health reasons. 

This is the case of traditional croissants, with the texture and delicious flavor of puff pastry, its chocolate-filled version, and chocolate Neapolitan ones. Glocelia cooks each piece, freezes it and packages it individually in a heat-sealed and ovenable plastic bag, suitable for food use, which avoids any risk of cross-contamination. 

In this way, in just two minutes of cooking, with the oven at 200º C, the croissant or Neapolitan will be ready to satisfy the palate of the most demanding consumers. 

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