Gusto Argentino

Gusto Argentino presents its family of products for both end consumers and the HORECA channel by renowned food and pastry chef Maru Botana 

A voyage to the essence of Argentina

Gusto Argentino arrives at Alimentaria from its factory in France with new releases in its family of products, aiming to show off the top quality of its creations, made with local ingredients.

Its purpose this edition is to convey the essence of Argentine culture and cuisine. To this end, it has organised a series of events showcasing both elements, such as wine tastings enlivened by tango performances and live piano.

This is how Gusto Argentino seeks to create the ideal atmosphere to enjoy the high-quality specialities from the Andean country, such as alfajores (sweet biscuits), yerba mate (tea), wines and so much more. The firm’s most notable new releases include its tasty creations by renowned chef and confectioner Maru Botana, such as its delicious and original recipes made with Gusto Argentino dulce de leche (toffee), a product that has garnered excellent ratings from the most demanding quality certifications in Europe, the IFS and BRC standards.

Gusto Argentino, a company with more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and import of Argentine products, has always opted for local, high-quality production, spurning the use of vegetable oils that damage ecosystems.

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