Iced coffee, a new way for coffee to appeal to new generations

The concept of the café is evolving at the same pace as consumers habits: very fast. The greater consumption of cold drinks and of drinks derived from coffee has transformed the machinery, systems and even the layout of premises themselves. In this edition of HORECA Stories we visit the flagship of Juan Valdez Café in Madrid, an establishment located in the gastronomic and shopping space of the four towers of the city, which includes a cocktail bar within the premises for which they have hired baristas who are experts in cocktails who come during the afternoons what are known as ‘afterworks’. This café is an avant-garde example of everything that is happening in the world of coffee.

According to data recently released by Starbucks, one of the leading international coffee chains operating in Spain, sales of cold drinks in its establishments have gone from 9 per cent of the total to 35 per cent in just three years. It seems that the trend, although recent, is taking hold at top speed.

This development is explained by generational changes in the way coffee is consumed: from hot espresso, to espresso with ice to today’s iced coffee.

As if this were not enough, according to the company Delectatech, coffee shops are the establishments that filled the most in 2022 with 34.39% occupancy. The right breeding ground for a rapid evolution of first, second, third and fourth generation cafés?

Rodrigo Domínguez ( Director de Barra de Ideas)