Jean Routhiau carpaccio

Jean Routhiau smokes the carpaccio of the finest French beef and freezes it so that it can be enjoyed all the year round

Smoked carpaccio, ready in ten minutes

Jean Routhiau highlights his experience and knowledge of the processing of the best beef carpaccio to launch smoked carpaccio on the market. Prepared cold to preserve the flavour of the fresh meat and premarinated without additives, the frozen product is ready to eat at any time of the year in just ten minutes. The slices are defrosted at ambient temperature so that they can be enjoyed with all their flavour and natural properties.

Since 2001, Jean Routhiau has selected the best meats from the VBF, Charolais, Salers and Black Angus breeds raised in France and prepared them in keeping with his pioneering patented manufacturing process and all the health and quality guarantees.

Presented in thin 70 gram slices arranged in the form of a rosette, the smoked beef carpaccio has a tender and juicy texture. The French brand employs skilled butchers with expertise in cutting meat with the ideal characteristics to facilitate easy and rapid regeneration at ambient temperature.

At Alimentaria Jean Routhiau will also present the new torrija-type brioche, made of the renowned Vendée brioche prepared in accordance with tradition and eggs from free-range hens that have no colouring or preservatives.

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