Karetta Maluca Wines

Karetta Maluca turns wine culture into a means to help conserve threatened fauna

The wine that saves animals

The situation of five species of animals in danger of extinction is a little less serious thanks to the commitment shown by the young wine brand Karetta Maluca, which donates part of the price of each bottle to wildlife conservation projects. In its first year, it contributed more than two thousand euros to NGOs that work to protect threatened species around the world.

The wine company has set out to “save animals by drinking wine,” it says, and has started with sea turtles, koalas, tigers, river dolphins and grey parrots. At Alimentaria it will present its project, in which it is committed to both young, fresh and cheerful wines, as well as aging wines; all of them vegan, from organic farming and marked by the Mediterranean character of the Alicante lands.

Karetta Maluca, which began selling bottles at fairs, is already present in more than forty establishments throughout the country thanks to the appeal that its commitment to the preservation of nature represents for conscious consumers.

“We not only want to offer a good wine, but also take advantage of the social peculiarity of this ancient drink to raise awareness about the state of threatened species and the importance of collaborating together to preserve their future. We understand that, if saving animals does not require great sacrifices or changing our customs, we can take wildlife conservation to another level,” they highlight.

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