Kombucha Flax & Kale

Flax & Kale has developed an ambient kombucha formula to adapt its star drink to the HORECA channel

The same kombucha, now in a ambient format

Flax & Kale has innovated with its first ambient format kombucha. The new ambient format preserves all the flavour and properties of a drink that excels due to its probiotic content and nutritional benefits.

The versatility of the this formula consumers to enjoy the kombucha, which was created as a healthy alternative to traditional soft drinks that’s low in sugar and calories, at any time and in any place.

The launch to be performed by the brand based in Bell-lloc d’Urgell (Lleida) at Alimentaria will reward the work of the RDI team, which has achieved a formula to adapt its star drink to the needs of the HORECA channel.

The new format will provide the brand with access to new markets and international distribution opportunities, including points of sale without refrigeration facilities, thus considerably increasing its market potential.

Flax & Kale kombucha is unique because, after its fermentation, it goes through a second process incorporating 100% natural cold-pressed fruit juices, which have five times more nutrients than squeezed juices, giving it a much richer, fruitier and more pleasant flavour.

The other distinctive element of the product is sustainability. As a B-Corp company, Flax & Kale reduces its environmental impact by removing the need for refrigeration during transport and storage. Moreover, both the new aluminium and glass containers are recyclable.

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