Olfactory marketing, the latest sales and loyalty tool for hospitality

The hospitality industry has all kinds of tools at its disposal to increase sales and build customer loyalty. The senses of taste and touch have been the most worked on historically, that how it is gastronomy. Over the last few years we have seen the proliferation of Instagrammable plating and restaurants where you can be seen, and we have also talked about how to create satisfying sound experiences. Now it’s the turn of olfactory marketing, a specialty aimed at creating emotions in the customer through the sense of smell. Brands want to differentiate themselves from the competition and create an emotional bond with their customers thanks to olfactory memory.

In this episode of Horeca Stories we will learn about Dejavu Brands, a Spanish olfactory marketing company that offers aromatization services, and we will see how the Vincci Hoteles chain has implemented this tool in its hotels.

Rodrigo Domínguez (Barra de Ideas Director)