Ozturk kebabs

Ozturk has recovered the finest traditional kebab in gourmet quality slices that are ready to savour

Gourmet kebabs, ready to eat in just five minutes

Ozturk takes a new approach to the popular kebab with gourmet slices that recover the essence of the most traditional style of preparation while providing a premium flavour experience. The original Yaprak Döner brings together the very best of the finest kebab, ready to be eaten after a few minutes in the pan.

Ozturk uses only premium-quality halal beef fillets in its preparation. It all begins with the seasoning of the meat with selected spices and aromatic herbs. The fillets are marinated and then slowly roasted in a vertical rotating oven at temperatures above 70°C.

When the meat is ready, it’s sliced in the traditional manner with a rotating knife. The thin slices are immediately subjected to individualised quick freezing (IQF) to guarantee their preservation and the maintenance of all their organoleptic properties. Finally, they’re packaged in food bags (in 200g and 1kg formats).

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