PLNT plant-based meat by Jan Zandbergen

Jan Zandbergen’s PLNT label will present its innovative plant-based lamb strips and chicken sausages

Meat from the garden

At Alimentaria, the PLNT label of products made by the Jan Zandbergen group will present its new meat-flavoured plant-based foods: lamb strips and chicken sausages. The innovative vegan proposals stem from the experience and know-how of the Dutch brand, which has built up over seven decades of experience in the food industry.

PLNT lamb strips are a pioneer in the market, due not only to their plant-based ingredients, but also to the fusion of cutting-edge technologies and an open structure that captures the spice blends and sauce like never before. Each strip is an open canvas for an explosion of spices and rich sauces, a comprehensive experience that redefines what was thought possible in the plant-based product category. PLNT uses a blend of pea, wheat and soy proteins to create an unmatched texture and deliver the nutritional values of real meat.

The plant-based chicken sausages are ideal for the restaurant market. Made from a mixture of soy and rice protein, they feature a unique texture and flavour profile, just like succulent traditional chicken.

Jan Zandbergen highlights its commitment to natural and healthy ingredients, resulting in a guilt-free treat for health-conscious consumers. Beyond the flavour, the production process emphasises sustainability to minimise the environmental impact.

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