Raspberries dipped in Franuí chocolate

Natural raspberries bathed in a double layer of chocolate are making Franuí an international phenomenon

Raspberry inside, chocolate on the outside

Fresh raspberries dipped in a double layer of chocolate have made Franuí a phenomenon in many parts of Europe, so much so that it won the award for Best Frozen Product at the latest International Food Event in London. The Franuí concept brings together the best Italian chocolate tradition combined with wild raspberries from Patagonia.

The son of master chocolatiers who emigrated to Argentina and heir to the family business, Diego Fenoglio had an idea in 2013 consisting of bathing the raspberries from his farm in Patagonia in two layers of chocolate (white and milk) and putting them on sale at the chocolate shop. The success of the proposal led to industrial production, exports and the opening of a second factory in Valencia in 2020. The new brand’s rapid growth was reflected in a 581% sales increase in 2023.

The product with a double layer of chocolate (also in a milk-free version) that’s filled with natural raspberries can be eaten frozen, although, in order to enjoy all the nuances of the delicious combination of flavours, it’s advisable to let it defrost for an hour at room temperature.

It is a gluten-free product which is kosher and BRC-certified and it will soon come out in a vegan version.

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