Reina’s Extra Proteins dessert line features five products designed for people looking to increase their protein intake

The dessert with extra protein

Reina, the leading company on the national dessert market, is taking advantage of Alimentaria’s prestigious showcase to present its latest innovation: its new Reina Extra Proteins product range. This new line debuts with five products designed to meet the demands of consumers concerned about their health and well-being: Extra Protein Yoghurt with Stracciatella, 0% MG, 4×120 g; Extra Protein Wild Berries Yoghurt, 0% MG, 4×120 g; Extra Protein Plain Yoghurt, 4×120 g; Extra Protein Plain, 500 g; and Extra Protein Red Fruit Jelly, 0% Added Sugars, 4×100 g.

The research and innovative work behind this new range represents a significant step forward in the yoghurt and dairy dessert segment, offering consumers an extra dose of protein without asking them to give up delicious flavour. These products are specially designed for all types of people, including those who eat a balanced diet but who want some extra protein, whether at every meal, or as a between-meal snack.

In addition, Reina’s Extra Proteins adapt perfectly to different demographic groups, from active young people looking for a protein boost after exercise, to older people who need more protein to maintain their health and vitality.

With Reina’s Extra Proteins line, the brand demonstrates its ongoing commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction by offering products that not only taste great, but are also nutritious and adapted to changing market needs.

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