So Food meals by Makarony Polskie

So Food provides some of the most delicious international recipes and includes a range of vegetarian dishes

Cuisines from around the world in just three minutes

International recipes and vegetarian dishes prepared in just three minutes, without any preservatives, colourings or flavour enhancers, constitute the new healthy proposal by Makarony Polskie through the So Food label. The Polish company is inspired by international cuisine to offer tasty menus to people who don’t have time to prepare their own food.

The Inspired By range includes highly interesting flavours from around the world, with Mexican and Indian recipes, among others, while the plant-based cuisine includes an array of vegetarian and vegan dishes, all of them made with high-quality ingredients and a special preparation process thanks to which they remain fresh and delicious.

Inspired By devotes a specific section to Asian cuisine, highlighting sweet and sour chicken with rice, one of the most popular dishes in the world, which So Food will present at Alimentaria with its irresistible combination of juicy chicken with pineapple and an aromatic vegetable sauce.

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