The Nut Club

The nut butters of The Nut Club have all the healthy qualities and flavour of local nuts

Vegan and gluten-free superfoods

The Nut Club will visit Alimentaria with its wide range of nut butters made using local nuts that contain no gluten or added sugars. The young Catalan brand proposes the flavour, versatility and nutritional value of local raw materials as an alternative to the less healthy creams available on the market.

The almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios and cashews that constitute the basis of The Nut Club’s creations are superfoods that are rich in vegetable protein, gluten-free and vegan. Some of them come from its own crops and they’re all processed at the company’s facilities, where they’re selected, roasted, crushed and packaged with the necessary rigour to produce natural and high-quality nut butters.

The Nut Club range of creams includes pistachio cream made solely with crushed green pistachios, almond cream of national origin, also available in a crunchy version, hazelnut and cacao cream, with 45% of domestic hazelnuts without any palm oil, almond and coconut cream, with 55% of crushed almonds, the healthy alternative to white chocolate cream, crunchy hazelnut cream, with the best local hazelnuts, also available in a smooth version, and cashew cream.

The brand’s catalogue also offers hazelnut and cacao and hazelnut and coconut nibs, the only two products that contain traces of gluten.

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