The firm Badó Formatges announces its 0-km cheeses at Alimentaria

DO Moianès cheeses

Artisanal 0-km cheeses deeply rooted in the territory; specifically, in the region of Moianès. This is the aim of Badó Formatges, a young cheese factory founded in 2020 with a view to creating the very best cheeses, with an alchemist’s passion. To this end, they select optimal ingredients, raw cow’s and goat’s milk, always within a 20-km radius of the factory.

Badó Formatges came about, as its founders say, ‘out of a love of cheese and a desire to know everything that surrounds this wonderful product, with the goal of producing our own’. To this end, they have livestock farms in the area, whose animals graze on meadow grasses in total freedom.

At Alimentaria, they will present the six formats they produce, each one very different. All of them have been baptised with names referring to an important area of the Moianès, pointing, once again, to their local DNA: Casuc, Bellver, Popa, Roquer, Sauva Negra…

As a result of this same connection with the surrounding region, the factory strives to reduce its impact to a minimum. As the main waste from a cheese factory is whey, Badó Formatges takes advantage of it, reusing it as food for its animals.

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