BubbleGo tea soft drink

BubbleGo, the tea soft drink with fruit jelly bubbles that burst in the mouth, is coming to Spain

Tea with bubbles that burst in your mouth

BubbleGo is the first packaged and ready-to-drink bubble tea drink to be marketed in Spain. It’s a soft drink for spontaneous and urban consumption that’s aimed specifically at the millennial and centennial generations. Created in Taiwan in the late 1980s, it’s endorsed by the success it’s achieved in France, Belgium, Holland, Italy and Germany.

BubbleGo is a refreshing and fun drink that combines different flavours and textures. Its ingredients are green tea, fruit syrup and small bubble-shaped fruit jelly pearls of different flavours and colours that burst in the mouth. In addition to its stimulating nature, this innovative drink, which is gluten, lactose and egg-free, has the healthy benefits of tea, including its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

Initially available in the Green Lover, California Peach, Wild Strawberry, Black Forest, Tropical Jungle and Thai Lychee varieties, the soft drink is presented in a 450 ml biodegradable and hermetically sealed glass with a straw made from sugar cane, which, in addition to serving to pierce the lid, helps to absorb all the bubbles. It’s drunk cold and it must be kept cooled to ensure that all its properties are preserved.

The new bubble tea is produced and marketed by Bubble Tea Iberia, owned by Grupo Amasua from Spain and Food Partners Co. from Belgium, which have launched a joint venture to develop the business in Spain and Portugal.

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