Calnord dehydrated desserts

Calnord is launching a range of more than one hundred dehydrated sweet products for the Horeca and supermarket channels

Dehydrated but with all the flavour

Calnort is enhancing its range of dessert and breakfast products for the Horeca and supermarket channels with over one hundred new dehydrated products endorsed by the experience going back nearly fifty years of the company based in Burgos. The new items include cacaos, cream caramels, custards, premium desserts, jellies, 0% jellies, mousses and creamy and semifreddo desserts.

They each have their own personality and they’re all easy to prepare. As they’re dehydrated foods, they’re specially formulated to be reconstituted with whole milk (or water, in the case of the jellies). It’s a simple method of use that offers consumers a wide range of high-quality desserts that can be made in a very short time – even instantly in the case of products such as the vanilla and chocolate custards.

Calnort is a family-run business that was founded in the 1970s, originally specialising in the production of dehydrated broths and soups for the Horeca industry in Spain. Its product catalogue has expanded since then, as has its territorial influence.

The variety of foods and the good quality-price ratio has opened up the doors of the international market, and it now has operations in over seventy countries.

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