ColaCao Bañadas

ColaCao presents its first snack cookies, with the usual ColaCao flavour and chocolate chips

ColaCao becomes a cookie

ColaCao will visit Alimentaria with its first cookies in over 75 years of history: ColaCao Bañadas, crispy cookies dipped in ColaCao coating and chocolate chips and made with the same natural cacao that the market-leading brand uses for ColaCao Original. Its flavour is reminiscent of the lumps that cocoa powder forms when it’s mixed with milk.

The new launch is specially focused on the moment of the family snack and it comes in two varieties: Original, which contains five bags with three units, and Mini in a smaller size that’s ideal for sharing. The format is practical and comfortable and the snack can be enjoyed anywhere.

The ColaCao Bañadas bring to traditional food such as cookies all the essence, flavour and experience of ColaCao with milk, which is why they’ve been given a shape reminiscent of the iconic cocoa powder jar.

The new product constitutes an important milestone in the innovation strategy of the brand, which thus enters a new food category following its successful arrival in the smoothie market. “The development of ColaCao Bañadas has posed a major challenge, due to our firm desire to transfer the essence of the traditional ColaCao to a new form of product. We wanted to do what we always do, but like we’ve never done before”, highlighted Amalia Cervantes, the brand’s Marketing Manager.

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