Coolife Café Bombon

Flavors of the World is expanding its Coolife cold coffee range with 100% Arabica café bombon with Alpine milk

Café bombon with Alpine milk

Flavors of the World expands its successful Coolife brand, specialising in cold take-away coffee, with the new bombon flavour, made with 100% Arabica coffee and milk from the Alps. After the excellent results of the Cookies Macchiato and Caramel Macchiato varieties, the incorporation of Café Bombon is a response to the growing demand for unique sweet flavours, in keeping with current market trends.

Coolife now has nine references which, in addition to their flavour, excel in their commitment to sustainability in terms of the range of bio-certified coffees and the 100% recyclable material used to make the glasses.

All the varieties are presented in striking and attractive 230ml packaging, which has a meter on a scale from one to five stars indicating the flavour and intensity of the drink, helping consumers to choose the most appropriate taste for their palate.

With the new launch, Flavors of the World is furthering its drive in the iced coffee industry with a product that doesn’t require any refrigeration to guarantee the best quality. 4.5 million units were sold in 2022.

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