Délice & Snacks (Volatys)

Délice & Snacks takes one of the United States’ most deeply-rooted fast-food traditions to Alimentaria

Authentic American-style fried chicken fillets

Volatys touches down at Alimentaria with a 100% American food experience in tow: its new fried chicken thighs from the Délices & Snacks brand. Made with flour-coated whole inner-thigh chicken fillets, this classic is a crunchy and tasty delight that transports you directly to one of America’s most deeply-rooted finger-food traditions.

Sensory studies show that foods with a crunchy texture spark feelings of pleasure and emotion in the brain. And this is, precisely, one of the signature qualities of these American-style fried chicken fillets. Whether in a little bucket, on a bun, or in a salad, this fried chicken speciality stands out for its versatility and adaptability to a wide variety of culinary applications, also providing a dash of authenticity to any dish in the purest American style.

Frozen in portions, Délices & Snacks’ tender breaded chicken is quick and easy to prepare, only taking a few minutes in the fryer or oven, with no need to defrost it beforehand. Its versatility, culinary qualities and ease of use make it a product that meets the needs of very diverse markets, from institutional and commercial operations to take-away fast food, catering services and bakeries.

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