Gallina Blanca

Gallina Blanca comes to Alimentaria with its new gourmet recipe of 100% natural chicken broth featuring Enrique Tomás ham

The broth for ham lovers

Gallina Blanca, a pioneer in the broth market, and Enrique Tomás, the world’s leading ham purveyor, have joined forces to launch its Gourmet Chicken Broth with Enrique Tomás Ham.

Made with 100% natural ingredients, simmered for 3 hours and preservative free, this new innovation that Gallina Blanca will present at Alimentaria, was created with the aim of surprising and captivating even the most discerning soup lovers, thanks to the flavour and aroma of its unique recipe.

After observing that in many homes, people added ham to its traditional homemade broth recipe, Gallina Blanca decided to respond to these consumers’ demanding palates by adding a gourmet touch with Enrique Tomás ham. This new carton of broth can be served as-is, as bouillon; for a classic noodle soup; or as an ingredient in more elaborate preparations, like a stew.

Launched in October, the broth has been in the spotlight with a powerful activation plan at points of sale and a strong communication plan, including a presence on television and digital platforms. The new recipe can now be found at more than 40% of distribution points in Spain, and has become the number 1 product in the segment of chicken broths with ham.

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