Gutsy Captain Protein Bar

The new Gutsy Captain chocolate and protein bars promote gut health without sacrificing flavour

Chocolate bars for gut health

Gutsy Captain’s new range of chocolate and protein bars revolutionizes the snack market by offering the best flavour while promoting gut health. Peanut and crunchy chocolate, caramel and crunchy chocolate, and salted caramel and chocolate are the three flavours offered by the Portuguese brand, in bars with 30% protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals content, and no added sugar.

It is a unique product in its category, designed with a pleasant texture aimed especially at consumers who avoid the typical texture of protein bars on the market.

With this launch, Gutsy Captain aims to change the landscape of traditionally unhealthy snacks through a commitment to the alliance between the most delicious flavours and benefits for the body. In this case, the fibre and protein content contributes to the good health of the intestinal system.

The new bars are the logical step for the company after the successful launch of Gutsy Captain kombucha, which has become the main reference in Europe.

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