Ibéricos La Unión 1890

At Alimentaria, Ibéricos La Unión, observing traditional processes since 1890, presents its innovations in cold and cured meats

Iconic Iberian flavour

At Alimentaria, Iberian La Unión 1890 exhibits its range of high-quality cold and cured meats for shops, supermarkets and major retailers. The Andalusian company, which produces its products by following processes and recipes handed down from generation to generation since 1890, also boasts the most advanced technology to effectively delivery the volumes demanded by the market.

Its range of cold and cured meats includes nine items: sweet string chorizo, spicy string chorizo, extra chorizo, special barbecue chorizo, boiled black pudding, Iberian black pudding, Iberian spicy salchichón and Catalan butifarra sausages. They have a fixed weight, which makes it possible to set a unit price; and they are vacuum-packed to guarantee the product’s quality and hygiene.

Aware that smaller sizes are currently the most popular among small or single-parent families, the brand presents two new products at Alimentaria that are in high demand by distributors, shops and supermarkets: slices of 50% grain-fed Iberian ham and pork shoulder in 100-gram, vacuum-sealed packs so that they retain the high quality and exquisite taste of the whole pieces.

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