Inedit Rosé by Damm

Damm bring to Alimentaria Inedit Rosé, its reinterpretation of elBulli’s strawberry snack with Campari, tangerine, basil and sansho

Haute cuisine-level beer

Damm lands at Alimentaria with its Inedit Rosé, a limited edition beer created with an eye on bolstering this highly culinary brand by developing a category of premium beers. The origin of the label is linked to Ferran Adrià, the world’s most award-winning chef, his restaurant elBulli, and the culinary revolution that it spawned, which continues to make passions run high.
Inedit Rosé, the new premium gem in limited-edition format, also traces its origins back to Cala Montjoi, the site of the restaurant. It is inspired by one of the famous cold snacks on elBulli’s sampler menu; specifically, recipe 638 in the general catalogue: Strawberries with Campari, tangerine, basil and sansho (2000).

Inedit Rosé is Damm’s reinterpretation of this famous appetiser, now as a beverage, with a base of malt and wheat beer. The new drink has kept the orange citrus base, a signature Inedit characteristic, but has replaced the famous recipe’s sansho with black pepper, much more in keeping with the Mediterranean diet. The splash of bitter, combined with the sweetness of strawberry, gives a tart twist to this recipe of herbs, spices, fruit zest and peels.

This combination of flavours, evoking elBulli, yields a surprising fresh and spicy character.

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