Le Sinfonie by Agugiaro & Figna Molini

Agugiaro & Figna Molini presents Le Sinfonie, a range of 3 flours for dry pastries, puff pastries, croissants and long-fermentation baked goods

A trio of Italian white gold for the art of baking

Agugiaro & Figna Molini, an Italian company specialising since 1934 in the milling of durum and soft wheat for the production of high-quality flours, arrives at Alimentaria with Le Sinfonie, a special range of wheat flours for all types of creations related to the art of baking.

The selection, using an optical sorter, gathers the finest wheat grains and prepares them for smooth, progressive milling through properly spaced rollers, by individual crops, preserving the natural characteristics inherent to the varieties of each grain ground. The result is three varieties that are well adapted to different uses and recipes.

Biscotteria is a specific flour for the preparation of dry pastries, shortcrust pastries, and pie crusts, which, due to its characteristics, is excellent for compact and velvety creams. Croissant, very balanced in terms of its elasticity and extensibility, facilitates the formation of a mouldable structure ideal for making puff pastries, croissants (French and Italian), beignets, dough for buns, fermented products, enriched choux pasta, and soft fried sweets.

For the preparation of long-fermentation baked products, panettone, pandoro and focaccia, Le Sinfonie has Lievitati, a highly stable flour that develops soft and resistant structures, facilitates an optimal mixture of ingredients, and favours the creation of highly dimpled textures. Its main characteristics are its stability and elasticity: stable because the doughs’ performance remains constant over time; and elastic because it withstands great stress in the production process, as regards both the dough and the fermentation, accommodating large volumes of ingredients.

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