Magdalenas Lázaro Brownies

Magdalenas Lázaro arrives at Alimentaria with four products awarded the ‘Flavour of the Year 2024’ seal

Flavour of the Year, Four Times

Magdalenas Lázaro touches down at Alimentaria boasting the ‘Flavour of the Year 2024’ seal, just awarded to four of its products: Chocolate Brownies, Galactic Brownies, White Chocolate Brownies, and Blondies. The award is an endorsement of the great care that the family business puts into the production of all its products, especially its moist, soft and tasty brownies, made with Belgian chocolate and without palm oil.

Their savoir faire gave rise to strong growth in the year 2023, with a turnover of 26 million euros, a 72% year-on-year increase. Its 110 employees and an investment of 10 million euros in its production plant are the key assets with which it confidently faces a challenging future.

Present in more than 60 countries, representing 85% of turnover, the brand focuses on maximising efficiency and profitability by optimising its production lines, as well as on innovation as an essential element for launching new and competitive products on the market.

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