Mexilla Tortillas

Innovation and adaptation elevate the traditional tortilla to a personalised experience

Mexilla puts a twist on the tortilla

With an innovative and responsible approach that has made it one of Europe’s main producers of tortillas, Mexilla comes to this new edition of Alimentaria full of flavours, varieties, and sizes.
In addition to the traditional mainstays in its catalogue, its classic wheat and whole wheat tortillas, Mexilla places a twist on the tortilla by experimenting with original flavours (tomato, spinach, garlic, beetroot, hot spices) and different ingredients (multi-grain, corn, spelt). Its innovations also include tortillas with a clean label, organic and protein-rich, in keeping with current consumption trends.

In addition to its four own brands ― Mexilla, Turka, Tortillove and Kamar the company offers its customers round the world personalised service, which includes not only a wide variety of flavours, but also different sizes (from 12 cm to 35 cm), label designs and customised packaging. Mexilla also boasts Halal and vegan certifications, and can produce Kosher on request.

Mexilla’s versatility and ability to adapt to the needs of markets worldwide has been its hallmark and the key to its development of a strong presence in the retail, food services and B2B sectors of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. From its production facilities in Spain and Poland, it currently serves 62 countries.

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