Sangría Estiu

Sangría Estiu lands in the carbonated soft drinks market with a low alcohol, sugar and calorie content

Summer tastes like sangria

Estiu sangria bursts into the soft drinks market as an alternative to beer, made with red wine from Spanish wineries, an alcohol content of 4.5%, low in sugar and calories, and gluten-free. It is a sparkling, slightly carbonated and effervescent drink, enriched with citrus aromas that make it the best companion at any time.

Geosbrands, a company based in Girona, will present its new creation at Alimentaria. It is consumed chilled; delicious with ice and orange, and its low sugar content (3 grams per 330 ml bottle) and calories (123 kcal) make it recommended for any diet. It is very pleasant on the palate, thanks to the tickling of the bubbles that disappear in the mouth.

It has an attractive intense wine colour, which stands out in the transparent glass container. Sangría Estiu is presented in display boxes of 24 units. It is perfect to share with friends and toast as a tribute that the brand name makes to the Mediterranean summer.

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