Snack’In For You by Sigma

Sigma introduces its Snack’In For You brand, innovating with delicious and nutritious snacks

Snacks for all ages

Snack’In For You comes to Alimentaria as a new initiative by Sigma, the multinational food company, to challenge traditional snacking concepts. This is an innovative brand of tasty and nutritious snacks; products that are better for you, based on three key principles: simple ingredients, a simple production process, and high protein. They’re meant for all kinds of consumers, are gluten-free, mostly lactose-free, and there are vegetarian, vegan and halal certified varieties.

The Snack’In For You portfolio in Spain consists of:

  • Meat Chips: thin slices of Serrano ham or Spanish Lomo (pork loin) lightly baked until they are nice and crispy.
  • Air Meats: combining the best of sausage and nuts. Its few ingredients include cured ham or chorizo, almond and rice flour, their deliciousness will pleasantly surprise, due to their great taste, crunchy texture and high fibre and protein content.
  • Cheese Crunch and Plant Based Crunch: baked and crunchy Gouda cheese cubes that are rich in protein, including a vegan, dairy-free alternative enriched with vitamin B12.
  • Fruit Bites: they look like gumdrops, but they’re made from gelled fruit juice with apple fibre (pectin). No added sugar or sweeteners, and 96% fruit.
  • Simple Pops: made mainly with rice, chickpeas, peas and a vegetable (broccoli, carrot or tomato). Scrumptiously tasty thanks to their different seasonings (sour cream and onion, salt and pepper, or chili), they’re also high in fibre and protein.

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